A REGIONAL project is ensuring the voices of the LGBTIQ+ community are heard and conserved.

West Yorkshire Queer Stories has recorded the tales and tribulations of more than 150 people from all walks of life.

The stories are varied in their content, from aversion therapy to discussion of pride events throughout the decades in different areas.

Six of the tales focus on Bradford.

Norinna and Yvette discuss their respective experiences with LGBT media.

The latter delivered newspaper "The Pink Paper" around Bradford and Leeds in the early nineties.

She did this with her friend for eight years until every began to become available online.

Meanwhile, Norinna talks about the "In Yer Face" magazine she created for lesbians in the nineties.

There's also Hafsa's moving story of how she was able to open up about her sexuality, having moved to Bradford from Pakistan.

She explains how she was always quite hesitant to discuss her true self, but that a proud lesbian friend helped her to become more open.

Then there's the support that one trans woman received from her medieval re-enactment group, while another woman reads her poem which challenges myths and stereotypes about bisexuality.

Ross Horsley, Community Development Worker for West Yorkshire Queer Stories, said: "It’s been incredible to see how many people have wanted to be involved.

"For some, it was the first time they’d felt able to speak about their experiences.

"Many of the recordings are incredibly moving - from stories about aversion therapy and homophobic attacks to fun nights out on the gay scene, family life, going to Pride and community activism."

The project has been made possible via funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and with the support of partners Yorkshire Mesmac, Leeds Museums & Galleries and West Yorkshire Archive Service.

You can explore these stories, short films, animations, photography and blogs at West Yorkshire Queer Stories’ website: wyqs.co.uk