BRADFORD Civic Society will unveil a new blue plaque for the author Malachi Whitaker at her Wrose birthplace this Saturday.

Olive Marjorie Taylor (later Malachi Whitaker) was born at a house on Clara Road on September 23, 1895.

She left Belle Vue Girls' school aged 13, and went to work at her father's bookbinding workshop, Muff & Taylor, on Thornton Road.

Malachi eventually had a story published in the prestigious Adelphi magazine, and went on to release a number of volumes of short stories.

Valerie Waterhouse, Malachi's biographer, said: "If Malachi Whitaker had been a man she would probably have a statue outside the library by now but a blue plaque is an excellent start.

"She deserves her plaque for both her writing - which was exceptional - and as a role model for women struggling against the odds.

"She was perhaps the only author of the time who wrote about ordinary Yorkshire people... tram navvies, quarry labourers, bookbinders without ever looking down - in a style that was pithy, witty and entirely original."

The blue plaque will be unveiled at Malachi's birthplace on Clara Road at 12 midday following a reception at Bolton Villas Family Church from 11am. Malachi's blue plaque has been fully funded by Wrose Parish Council.