A FAMILY are lucky to be alive after an out-of-control driver rammed their car in a shocking road rage attack.

Mum Kirsty Greenman, 32, her son Keaton, 12, and Miss Greenman’s partner, 28-year-old Charlie Herbert, have been left mentally scarred by the terrifying encounter.

Miss Greenman, from Buttershaw, narrowly escaped with only minor injuries when a Seat Leon car rammed their vehicle as they tried to climb back inside.

The trio were on Wibsey Park Avenue, on Friday, September 20, when they became embroiled in an argument with the Seat Leon driver, who was trying to squeeze into the same lane they were in at a junction.

When Mr Herbert refused to let the driver of the Seat Leon into the lane, Miss Greenman claims this enraged the other motorist, who managed to get infront of their red Audi A3 and reverse into it.

They quickly got out of the car, believing it would be safer than remaining inside, but the driver had other ideas and turned his car around and raced towards them as they stood helplessly.

It’s a lot of trauma and we just want to get justice for what has happened. It was all over road rage... You can clearly see on the CCTV that they are trying to run us over” - Kirsty Greenman

All three tried to get back into the car as the Seat Leon approached them at speed and Miss Greenman was injured when the car hit the passenger door as she was getting in.

The door hit her in the face, cutting her lip and the inside of her mouth.

Mr Herbert escaped massive injuries by leaping out the way of the car at the last moment, while Keaton had already ran off to the roadside to avoid the Seat.

Miss Greenman told the Telegraph & Argus told of the impact the attack has had on her and her son.


She said: “I can’t sleep because I keep having visions of a car trying to hit me.

“He tried to reverse into the car first, so we all got out because we thought it would be safer.

“My son has autism and ADHD and he doesn’t deal with things very well. I think it has left him traumatised.

“It’s a lot of trauma and we just want to get justice for what has happened.

“It was all over road rage. They tried cutting us up at first as they were trying to come into our lane and we were going straight on.

“This was crazy and he came after us.”

CCTV shows the black Seat Leon bouncing off the passenger side of the Audi A3, then Mr Herbert running down the road after the car and Miss Greenman clutching her mouth after she was injured in the incident.

The mum was taken to hospital and the wound was stitched, but she could lose her front tooth because of the damage it suffered in the crash.

She added: “It was a huge shock.

“You can clearly see on the CCTV that they are trying to run us over.”

A spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Police said: "We are aware of the incident and enquiries are ongoing."